How To: Make sweet creamy coleslaw

Make sweet creamy coleslaw

This video shows you how to prepare a sweet, creamy coleslaw.

. This is a simple way to make coleslaw it is not that hard coleslaw is better when it is made fresh.
First you will need two cabbages, four carrots, one onion, half a cup of sugar, cup of mayo, cup of sour cream, half a table spoon of salt, a table spoon of black powder,and two table spoons of apple cider vinegar.
. You will first core the cabbage, chop the cabbage then shred the carrots, chop the onion.
. Next all the other ingredients together in a bowl one by one.
. Put the coleslaw in the fridge to chill it is be to eat right away.

Follow these easy steps and will have some coleslaw that is simple to make.

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