How To: Keep your greens fresh for a whole week

Keep your greens fresh for a whole week

Do you often end up with slimy salad greens after just a day or two? Here's how to keep greens fresh and tasty for a week.
You Will Need
* A salad spinner
* Paper towels
* A plastic bag or containera plastic bag or container

Step 1
Soak the greens briefly in enough cold water to cover them for five minutes. Drain and rinse them. This will hydrate and clean the leaves.

Check greens carefully before you buy. You'll get the best results if you start with fresh greens.

Step 2
Spin the greens as dry as possible in the salad spinner. Handle them gently to avoid bruising them.

Step 3
Lay the greens loosely on paper towels and let them air dry for 20 minutes.

Step 4
Lay a paper towel in the bottom of a large plastic bag or container. Add the greens. Place another paper towel on top. The towels absorb excess moisture that causes slimy greens.

Give the greens room to breathe. Use a large bag or container so you won't have to crowd the greens or pack them tightly.

Step 5
Cover the container. If you're using a bag, seal it loosely.

Step 6
Store the greens in the crisper in your refrigerator.

Adjust your refrigerator's controls. If it's too cold, your greens may freeze. If there's condensation, the humidity is too high.

Step 7
Your greens are ready to use in salads and sandwiches for a whole week!

Fact: The ancient Greeks served lettuce at the end of meals, believing it would make diners sleepy.

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