How To: Store lettuce

Store lettuce

Here's a guide in helping you store a lettuce properly and prolong its freshness. Place a paper towel on top of the lettuce and beat the stem portion with a hammer. Remove the stem of the lettuce by prying it out with your hands. Tear the lettuce into two sections or into small ones. Put all of it inside a zip lock bag and then place it inside a refrigerator. Take them out when the lettuce is needed for cooking. With these easy to do tips, you are now ready to cook those well preserved lettuce onto your tasty dish.

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You gals were great! I had never tried these ideas, but am looking forward to trying them.
Two things:
1) If you don't have instant access to a hammer or mallet, turn the lettuce over, where the stem is on the bottom, and WHACK the whole lettuce straight onto the counter. Stem will loosen.
2) A wonderful gadget that can be found even at the Dollar Tree ($1) is a PLASTIC knife that is made for shredding lettuce. (Worst case scenario, use a regular plastic knife!)

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