How To: Make Thai noodle salad for a tailgate party

Make Thai noodle salad for a tailgate party

To make the 'lady boy' Thai noodle salad begin by making the dressing. White vinegar, sugar, sriracha, and garlic are brought to a boil. Then a marinade is made for the shrimp which combines grape seed oil, red onion, red curry paste, lemongrass, sriracha, sugar, and fish sauce in a blender until smooth. Cover a pound of shrimp with marinade for about two hours. Next place rice noodles in boiling water for five minutes, drain water off, let them cool, and place them in a bowl. Add julienned mango, carrot, zucchini, daikon radish, cucumber, and toss. Add basil and mint leaves and top with dressing. Sauté shrimp in grape seed oil in a cast iron pan. Add salt and pepper to noodle mixture, toss and place on a plate. Garnish with sriracha aioli, rice powder, chili oil, basil oil, and top with shrimp.

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